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2021-22 University Catalog 
2021-22 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bingham Faculty and Information


The Bingham Program for Excellence in Teaching

The Bingham Program for Excellence in Teaching has two components, both of which are designed to develop a Transylvania teaching faculty of exceptional quality.

The Bingham Program was established in 1987 as a result of the vision and generosity of the late Mary and Barry Bingham Sr. and the late William T. Young. This program fosters and rewards excellence in teaching for carefully selected faculty members. In addition, since 1990 the program has offered support for continuing professional growth and improvement through the David and Betty Jones Faculty Development Fund, made possible by the gifts of Mr. and Mrs. David Jones and William T. Young.

The Bingham Program and its restricted endowment are administered by a separate Bingham Board of Trust. The original, basic endowment of $5 million has subsequently grown to nearly $100 million through appreciation and additional gifts. The responsibilities of the Board of Trust include the development of policies regarding the various awards and the establishment of the maximum number of awards to be granted in a given year and the amounts of the awards.

The Bingham-Young Award

In order to enhance attention to excellence in teaching, which is the mission of the Bingham Program, the Bingham Board of Trust instituted a new award in 1996 to be known as the Bingham-Young Award.

The Bingham Selection Committee may, from time to time, recommend to the Bingham Board of Trust an outstanding teacher, chosen from the group of Bingham Fellows, as holder of this professorship. In consultation with the dean of the university and the president, the Bingham-Young professor designs, develops, and implements a program of curricular enrichment and/or enhancement of the art of teaching at Transylvania. Typically the program involves a number of members of the Transylvania faculty in its development and implementation, encourages wide participation by the Transylvania community in the program, and incorporates two- to three- day visits by distinguished individuals from academe, government, business, and industry. The term of appointment is one or two years. There is course-release time (usually one course per year) and additional funding to support the expenses of the project.

Bingham Board of Trust

Christopher H. Young, Chair
Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Jonathan Berkey
Davidson, North Carolina

George Branch
Paris, Kentucky

Norwood Cowgill Jr.
Lexington, Kentucky

Carol Jones
Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. Dan Jones
Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. John K. Roth
Claremont California

Dr. Sarah Stanbury
Worcester, Massachusetts

Dr. John N. Williams Jr.
Prospect, Kentucky

William T. Young Jr.
Lexington, Kentucky

Transylvania University
Brien Lewis, ex officio
Transylvania University

Staff Liaisons

Rhyan Conyers
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Transylvania University
Lexington, Kentucky

Nelson Murphy
Vice President for Finance and Business
Transylvania University
Lexington, Kentucky

Bingham Fellows

Kirk Abraham
Brian J. Arganbright
Larry J. Barnes
Carole Barnsley
W. Alan Bartley
Chris Begley
Gregg Bocketti
Sharon C. Brown
Michael Cairo
Simonetta Cochis
Elizabeth Corsun
Lissa Ellen Cox
Eva Csuhai
James C. Day
Veronica Dean-Thacker
Paul Duffin
Don T. Dugi
Robert England
G. Rod Erfani
Simona Fojtová
Melissa Fortner
Peter S. Fosl
Rebecca Fox
Qian Gao
Jack Girard
Kurt R. D. Gohde
Ben Hawkins
Jeffrey D. Hopper
Mark Jackson
Kimberly S. Jenkins
Bethany Jurs
David Kaufman
Iva Katzarska-Miller
J. Michael LeVan
Wei Lin
Amy Maupin
Melissa McEuen
Kenneth M. Moorman
Martha Ojeda
Bethany Packard
Jeremy Paden
Gregory Partain
Timothy Polashek
Julia Poynter
Brian L. Rich
Robert E. Rosenberg
Frank Russell
Kenneth D. Slepyan
Belinda Sly
Timothy Soulis
Zoe Strecker
Ryan Stuffelbeam
John Svarlien
Kremena Todorova
Margaret B. Upchurch
Todd F. Van Denburg
James Wagner
Tiffany Wheeler
Scott Whiddon
Geoffrey Williams