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2022-23 University Catalog 
2022-23 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Digital Arts and Media, BA

Digital Arts and Media is focused on the increasingly interdisciplinary and digital natures of artistic practice and media production in the 21st century. Through creative engagement and critical examination, students develop technique, conceptual and aesthetic sensitivity, and the ability to produce and evaluate multimedia works from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

Major Requirements

Recommended Sequence of Courses: https://www.transy.edu/academics/program/digital-arts-and-media/course-sequence/

12 course units, including:

Required Courses


Student are encouraged to choose electives from different disciplines. Additional courses not listed here (such as special topics, independent study, courses taken at other institutions, or courses taken as part of a study abroad program) may be used to fulfill the requirements of the minor with the approval of the program director. Relevant electives should focus on film, TV, or media; on art, music and theater work generated with digital technology; on computer science/programming, particularly toward digital arts and media; and/or on social, economic, and political issues surrounding and influencing digital arts and media.

Only 2 courses used to fulfill the requirements of another major or minor pattern may also be used to fulfill the requirements of the Digital Arts and Media major.