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2020-2021 University Catalog 
2020-2021 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Studies Minor

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Minor Requirements

The Environmental Studies minor serves as a general introduction to the facts and questions involved in concern for the natural environment, and is designed to prepare students for a life of critical and informed reflection on the biological, cultural and social issues related to environmental concern. In addition to a course on environmental science, courses used to fulfill the requirements of the minor should be of two kinds. If taught within the natural sciences division, they should lead to a deeper understanding of life forms other than human or deal with the impact of human activity on the environment. If taught within other divisions, they should focus on the social and cultural dimensions of human relations with the natural world, especially in the light of environmental concern. Courses taken within disciplinary majors and not listed below (topic courses or internships), IDS courses or courses taken at other institutions may fulfill a minor requirement, upon approval of the coordinator of environmental studies. Students may augment the minor with interdisciplinary research experience and internships.

6 course units, including:

Core Course

Additional Requirements

Students must take 5 courses, with at least 3 drawn from courses taught outside the Division of Natural Science and Mathematics.

Optional Requirements

Individualized research projects and independent study courses may be taken in addition to the 6 courses listed above. These courses, and the courses listed below, are designed to augment the experience gained from the courses building the minor.

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