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2023-24 University Catalog 
2023-24 University Catalog

Teaching Chemistry, BA

Students wishing to teach must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program (see Teacher Education Program: Admissions Policy). Admission is contingent upon a cumulative grade point average of 2.75; passing the PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators exam with the following minimum scores: Math-150, Reading-156, and Writing-162; submission of several recommendations; and a successful interview with the education program faculty members. To be recommended for certification, candidates completing the program must have a minimum 2.75 GPA overall and in their education courses; have a successful conference on their Program Portfolio; have a passing score on the PRAXIS exam; pass student teaching, with written evaluations from supervising and coordinating field teachers; and complete all other program requirements as defined by the Education Program.

Teaching certification requirements in Kentucky (and generally in the nation) are undergoing far-reaching reviews and changes. It is essential that the prospective teacher maintain a close and continuing liaison with academic advisors and advisors in the education program so that appropriate planning can include state-mandated changes and requirements.

Major Requirements

Recommended Sequence of Courses: https://www.transy.edu/academics/program/chemistry/course-sequence/teaching-chemistry/

21 ½ course units, including:

Allied Courses

Secondary Certification (8-12): Teaching Chemistry Requirements

To become certified to teach chemistry, students must complete the following: 

Teaching Chemistry Major

Education Minor for Secondary Certification

Completion of Education Minor for Secondary Certification (8-12) for Teaching Chemistry