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2019-20 University Catalog 
2019-20 University Catalog

Area I Introduction to Critical Skills

Goals: Students should be able to read closely, think clearly and express themselves precisely; they should be able to reason, hypothesize, solve problems and interpret what they experience and study; they should understand how languages, mathematics, science, the arts and the humanities interact in today's culture; they should possess the skills required by an undergraduate academic career and they should understand basic issues in maintaining physical health.


  First-Year Seminars 2 courses
  Foreign Languages 2-3 courses
  Mathematics 1 course
  Lifetime Fitness 1 course (¾ unit)

First-Year Seminar & Lifetime Fitness

Foreign Language

Students who have studied for two years or more in high school the language they choose at Transylvania must complete 1034; students with fewer than two years of high school study of the language chosen must complete through 1024.


1 of the following: