Oct 26, 2021  
2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog

The Alumni Association

The Transylvania University Alumni Association comprises all living graduates and former students who attended the University for at least one year. Membership in the association is conferred upon graduation (or when the class graduates in the case of transfer or withdrawal). The association is directed by the Transylvania Alumni Board (TAB), which cultivates a robust alumni network to drive alumni engagement, attract exceptional students, develop a life-long community, promote financial support and create memorable alumni experiences.

Nathan W. Lee '97, President

J. Paul Allen '88
Vince S. Bingham '98
Diane Farmer Binzel '75
Courtney Jacobs Blankenship '95
James E. Boswell, Jr '64
Kevin C. Brown '97
Elizabeth A. Combs '08
Shirley Waits Dezarn '73
F. Brooke Dunn '02
Bruce Hill Florence '59
Clare A. Grosser '10
Carolyn Hilterbran Henry '73
Shannon Moreman Holt '95
Tonya Jernigan '05
Catherine Nunn Lawless '98
Margaret Duff Lindsey '88
William H. McDonald '67
Linda Wise McNay '77
Dustin Meek '88
Michael R. Nichols '68
Michael J. Nolan '68
Dave M. Orwick '91
Jenifer Haney Payne '88
James W. Penney '82
Scott J. Poe '71
Jeff F. Rayford '03
Laura A. Rice '00
Heather M. Riley '12
Shannan Stamper '94
Lisa Blythe Stuckey '80
Charles P. Taylor '65
William P. Watson '64

The Transylvania University Young Alumni Council (TUYAC) encourages young alumni to maintain a strong connection to the University by developing a substantial and diverse young alumni network, which seeks to foster mentor relations among young alumni, attract exceptional students, promote financial support and create a meaningful young alumni experience.

Evan R. Sizemore '14, President

Lloyd A. Alverson '13
Quentin A. Becker '16
Mya E. Bowen '19
Grant T. Buckles '11
Nicholas L. Edwards '15
Raaziq K. El-Amin '19
D. Chanslor Gallenstein '16
Elijah B. D. Hack '17
Ryan J. Hughes '20
M. Isabel Johnston '17
Tyler J. Lega '18
Graham E. McCormick '17
Erin V. Melody '17
Savannah G. Michaels '18
Sadie R. Middleton '18
K. Claire Mielcarek '16
Emily E. Neat '20
Rachel L. Norris '14
Vinny W. Paiva '13
Brandon M. Pennington '11
Jessi M. Samuel '19
Courtney E. Smith '16
Josh A. Travis '12
K. Chandler Ware '14
Andrew W. Webb '14
Michael J. Williams '14
April E. York '12